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Unlocking structural color at the microscale


Structural color at the micro scale

Chromatir produces structurally colored materials based on a simple, yet highly enabling approach that harnesses reflective microstructures. The optics behind the technology was first developed by researchers at Penn State and MIT and published in Nature in 2019.

No chemical dyes or pigments are required to create color in our materials. Instead, color is produced by optical interference resulting from multiple reflections of light within micro-scale structures.

mechanism illustration.png

Leveraging this unique approach, one-of-a-kind iridescent appearances can be engineered from customized microstructure patterns. Films of color-shifting microstructures can produced at scale using existing industrial coating techniques and applied to almost any surface.

Owning to the wide angular color separation and access to shades and hues beyond traditional “rainbow” holographic effects, our materials can be used for a range of markets including security features, transportation markers, and customized decorative surfaces.

Film sample under fluorescent lighting containing a grid of 5 mm squares reflecting colors produced by different microstructure patterns.

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